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Billy’s family homestead in the outskirts of Big Timber, Montana, and have been there for 101 years. Their focus was sheep, but they also ran cattle. Billy’s dad was among the last to have a grazing permit in the national forest. Their summers were spent trailing sheep to their mountain pasture.

Britt grew up on a feedlot and cash crop farm in Wisconsin, which instilled her passion for agriculture at a very young age. Her dad was heavily involved in the beef council and other agricultural organizations, and she hopes to instill the same passion in their kids and continue representing agriculture. We are so thankful we get to carry on the ranching legacy within our family and hope there are many more generations to come.


What started out as a tool to train our dogs has grown into quite the business for our daughter Tenley, and we are beyond proud of her. With her hard work and dedication, the herd has grown from 5 to 50-plus ewes and over 100 lambs annually.

She feeds them twice a day, before and after school, takes excellent care of them, and does it all independently. She is incredibly excited to offer several cuts of lamb for sale, which can be purchased through our online store.

The Catttle

We run a moderate framed easy fleshing maternal Angus mother cow herd and as of 2010, we added a terminal cross with Limousin bulls for added muscling, feed efficiency and frame. We use artificial insemination to form the ideal female for our operation and incorporate strong genetics. High in the foothills of Montana, we believe this combination forms the ideal animal to grow pounds on grass and thrive in our environment.

We understand the importance of knowing exactly where your food comes from and what inputs are present. Our cattle are certified All Natural or NHTC and are GAP approved. The majority are grass-finished, and we monitor their health and wellness daily, along with animal welfare check-ins conducted Global Animal Partnership and IMI.

Opheim, Montana 59250

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The Belle's Beef & Lamb

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