North of Nowhere Farm

North of Nowhere Farm essentially began in 1943 when our grandparents Melvin and Vivian Isakson purchased land near Opheim, Montana. Here they raised their three daughters, including our mother Darleen Isakson-Nordhagen. Family members have now been farming and ranching on this land for four generations. We’re sure our grandparents would be delighted that our “new” approach to agriculture places great value on many of their old ways: cattle that are pasture-raised and humanely treated, no use of growth-promoting hormones, utilization of natural methods to improve soil health, and commitment to providing clean healthful food.

When you’re ready to buy lean, high-quality, grass fed and finished beef at an affordable price, it will be our honor to be your direct-from-farm provider.

Montana Highway 24
Opheim, Montana 59250

Phone: 406-646-6844


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North of Nowhere Farm

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